11 Things I Learned In My First Month of Marriage

11 Things I Learned In My First Month of Marriage

It’s 5:00PM and I just finished a deadline.


I feel good.

It’s been a while since I’ve written that many “words” and I’m really HAPPY that I was able to finish it.

After Typhoon Ompong and being sick over the weekend, it feels really good to finally finish the assignment I was anxious about since last week. πŸ˜€

I didn’t plan on blogging today but it’s the 18th! It’s been a month since I became a wife and in my husband’s words “it’s our 1st month wedding anniversary” we both laughed after he said this because we knew anniversary means yearly LOL but we just couldn’t find the right term. Maybe 1st month of marriage will suffice.

Anyway, here are eleven things I learned after being a wife for a month.

1. I’m still getting used to being called a wife or calling my husband, my husband.

These two words are foreign to me. It sounds weird but at the same there’s also that “happy” feeling you get in someone calling you “wife” or calling your partner “my husband”. Although I must admit, even before when we were still girlfriend and boyfriend, whenever we go to the shop or he introduces me to someone, he would always introduce me as his wife. Insert my eyes rolling here. LOL along with saying that he’s “confident“. And him replying that “we’re going there anyway“. Indeed it happened. And I just smile whenever I think about it.

2. Sharing a bed is quite challenging.

I’m an introvert. I love my alone time. I like having my personal space. On top of it, I’m a light sleeper. Now I won’t give away many intimate details right here but let’s just say I find myself awake at 2am. Watching videos. LOL. But I like the tight hugs that comes with marrying my husband LOL.

3. People calling me with my husband’s last name.

FYI I haven’t changed my last name yet although I have already changed it on Facebook as per the husband’s request LOL. It actually takes time to change your last name as you have to file for it. Not to mention I need a new passport if I change my last name. I’m still not ready to let go of my current passport. *sobs* But I know I will have to do it sooner since it will expire in the next two years.

4. The newlywed bliss is REAL.

I’ve read it a couple of times and I can say that it is true. I wish my husband and I remain in this bliss for as long as we live. πŸ™‚ We both find it hard to say “goodbye” in the morning when he has to go to work and we’re both excited to see each other again in the afternoon as if the past weekends together were not enough.

5. Honeymoon Phase is longer than a month.

I’ve been told and read it somewhere that Honeymoon phase lasts for a month. Well, it could be longer. And let’s talk about this again once babies have joined the picture LOL.

6. There’s the kind of love that wasn’t there before.

Full acceptance. A great sense of comfort. Confidence. Depending on each other in other ways than you did before. These are just some things that happen after our marriage. I get to see my husband in his rawest form and in return, me to him. And my mom told me that when you’re not “turned off” with your partner’s fart, it’s real love. LOL. Trust me, I know. *grin*

7. Married date nights are fun!

Date nights now consist of the following: doing grocery shopping together, finding a new restaurant to dine in, staying in at night and watch movies together. Or doing our individual hobbies together. Here’s a scene of doing different things together: I was drawing/scribbling and my husband was playing Vainglory a couple of nights ago while we were both in our couch, leaning on each other. But one of my favourite date nights now is ordering a pizza and watching a movie in our home.

8. It’s okay to use the same products. Even facial moisturizer.

I love beauty products. And as far as I know, I haven’t used only one soap at a time. I like to have variety. I usually keep a soap with shea butter, one considered as natural (papaya, carrot) and something minty. I also like to keep a bodywash with coconut scent or something that reminds me of the beach in handy. I bought a new aloe moisturizer to calm down my skin after I had a breakout last August on top of the moisturizers I already have. And because I have a lot of products at home, my husband uses some of it. And to be honest, my husband is more consistent in using the aloe moisturizer than I do LOL.

9. Husbands are not mind-readers. Tell them what you want, how you want it and say thank you!

Painted your nails? There’s a slim chance your husband will notice it. Changed the colour of your hair? You might get a compliment in a week. Trash needs to be taken out? Tell your husband. And then tell him again. And again. And don’t forget to say thank you even if it’s already the tenth time you’ve asked him to take out the trash.

10. The pasalubongs are still going. But this time, for two.

My husband has been bringing me pasalubong every time he goes home from work. This was a thing even before we got married. In my vow, I asked my husband to eat with me whenever he brings me pasalubong. And that he did. He now buys food for sharing.

11. Every marriage is unique.

Never compare your married life to those of others. Especially the ones that you watch on TV. It could create problems that weren’t there in the first place.

To everyone who got married last August 18, 2018, happy 1st month of marriage! πŸ™‚

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