It’s 9:11 am as I’m writing this blogpost from our house with all the street and machine noise from the outside serenading me.

Mornings have been like this for the past months since I got married which makes me miss my room where birds chirping and our dogs barking are the usual sounds you hear every morning.

I wish I’d enjoyed the silence more back in the day. But then again, practicing gratitude, I’m grateful to be living in the metro because most of the things I need are readily available.

But some days are just hard to get by. Especially when my hormones are going cray cray on that time of the month.

And because I try to practice to not let my feelings control me, here are some of the things that’s helping me stay sane living in the metro:

Have a strong support system

I’m so blessed that my husband is a great supporter. He always makes sure that I’m happy and that I’m comfortable in this new lifestyle I have. I think this is also one of the many reasons why he brings me pasalubong every day when he gets home from work because he loves to see me smiling. We also established a tradition of dining out on Fridays and Sundays.

Going to church also helped me because I feel refreshed after each service. It’s food for my soul. And it’s Sundate after each service.

You can also call or send a message to your friends so you won’t feel so alone in the new city. I find that staying in contact with my friends help in strengthening my support network.

Hail a taxi or use grab

I will never forget the first time we rode a jeepney here in Taguig. We had to wrestle our way through the jeepney because there were so many passengers. Sik-sikan, unahan, pakig-bisog. And then I told my husband I couldn’t deal with this style of commuting every day. It was just too much for me. But one fine night, when my husband got home from work, he told me that riding a jeepney is now easier because people will fall in line to wait for their turn. Finally! My prayers have been heard.

If you have extra cash for commuting, you can definitely use grab or hail a taxi. Grab is very convenient although you might have to wait for a while before you can book one. We use grab when the taxi line is long but we usually opt for taxi because it’s cheaper than Grab.

Eat out (once in a while)

I love to cook. But there are days when it’s actually cheaper to eat out rather than cooking at home. After the recent Typhoon, prices went crazy high in the market that 1/4 of a small cabbage was 60pesos and a small piece of sayote was 55 pesos. Even though we reserve eating out on Fridays and Sundays, we make an exception sometimes.

Do things you enjoy

I like staying at home which is why most of my hobbies are indoor activities like writing, painting, journaling, reading, watching movies & videos and playing games. I started journaling again every morning right after my husband leaves for work and at night we usually watch movies or shows during dinner.

Listen to a podcast or an audiobook when you’re stuck in traffic

The worst traffic I experienced when I moved here was in Edsa from Baclaran to Guadalupe. But it’s usually traffic in C5 highway too. My husband thinks it has worsen because a 10-15 minute commute before can take 40 minutes to close to an hour. Instead of getting frustrated about it, which actually does not affect traffic, make use of your time. Listen to an audiobook. I remember when I commuted in Sydney by train, most people were reading, listening to music or simply just looking outside the window. I find it hard to do that here in Manila when I’m drenched in sweat LOL

If you’re from the province and you moved to Manila, please let me know any tips on how you stay sane! I need all the advice I can get πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

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