We just got home from our ATV Jungle Excursion in Chiang Mai (Huay Tung Tao) and boy did we have a blast!

Today’s blog review is going to be different because for the first time, AL3 is going to write his review about our recent ATV adventure. 🙂

We booked this tour with our Hostel, Baan Heart Thai, because they give 7% discount to their guests.

So if you’re looking for a nice quiet hotel but near lots of restaurants and the night markets, this is the place to be. We’ll be writing another hostel review about it soon!

Going back to our adventure, here’s a short review of our ATV Adventure with The Peak Adventure Chiang Mai by AL3.

ATV Adventure in Huay Tung Tao

Hey everyone! Al3 here. This is my first time riding an ATV but driving an ATV is not new to me since I have a motorcycle before so I got to know how to maneuver easily.

It is very exciting and memorable to me because I did it with my wife. The obstacles and track are very nice and thrilling because its muddy, many bushes, grasses and trees surrounding the path so you need an extra precaution while driving especially if you have a passenger.

Alongside with me is my wife so it makes my driving experience more thrilling and galvanizing because she’s not used to riding a motorcycle so whenever I started cranking the ATV for high speed she always shout and often looks afraid during the thrill so I just encourage her to finish the leg and she did.. hehe.

I encourage you to try this adventure because its worth it and good experience especially with your friends and love one.

Aaaaaand I’m back. The first time I read AL3’s review, I couldn’t stop laughing haha I guess the highlight of our ATV trip was me shouting every 5 seconds haha I never thought I would do this since I’m not really adventurous. But we made a promise to each other that we will try to do each other’s interests together and AL3 joined me in a cooking course (watch out for this delicious blogpost soon!) yesterday.

Watch our first Travel Video! 🙂

How much does it cost?

We booked the Jungle Excursion Course (X-1) for 1,200 Baht for the driver and 850 for the passenger. We had a 7% discount as mentioned above 🙂

What To Bring

  • Extra clothes
  • Extra water
  • Action Camera/Cellphone
  • Money
  • Jacket or Raincoat

So the question still remains, is this the best ATV Adventure in Chiang Mai?

Maybe. Depending on the package you purchase and the level of excitement you’re after. We totally enjoyed the ATV ride but here are some things you might want to know before you book with them:

  • Their pick up van is quite old and dirty. There were ants along the windows and the vehicle itself looks so worn out.
  • The ATVs were also worn out and dirty but that’s given since it’s muddy in the jungle but it looked under maintained. Some ATVs there have broken parts. The ATV we used didn’t have any headlights.
  • The protective gear is again, old, dirty and WET. I was hesitant to wear it at first but I didn’t have a choice. I’m not sure how often they clean it but I hope they clean it more because people pay for it. Sizes are limited too. I had to tie the belt manually because the velcro belt was too tight.
  • There’s no food in the area or the tour itself so grab some light breakfast. We learned this the hard way because we thought there’d be a cafe in the place. Turns out it was just jungle and ATVs there.
  • They will charge you 500 Baht for insurance (optional) and I felt that the guy was pressuring us to buy it or else they’ll charge you 3,600 Baht if there would be any damage in your ATV. Ridiculous. We didn’t pay for the insurance because AL3 said he will be careful. And he was. The guy we were on tour with bought the insurance and he bumped into the tree and yes, the ATV was damaged in the front.

The trip was supposed to be an hour but I think it was less than that. But we still had fun because this was our first ATV adventure together and probably not our last. There are so many ATV Adventure packages in Chiang Mai and we’ll definitely try another company when we come back here in Chiang Mai 🙂

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