Working in the digital world for almost 7 years now, I’ve learned which jobs are perfect for me and which ones are not. Living in a time where almost everyone is on social media, it makes sense that more and more businesses are turning in to social media platforms to reach their target market. According to Forbes, more than 50 million businesses are using Facebook Pages alone. So if you’re planning to join the freelancer wagon and loves social media, here are my top six social media jobs that you can choose from today.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Social Media Manager

“Manage social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities including: Develop relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers. Create, curate, and manage all published content (images, video and written). Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way while cultivating leads and sales.” –

Social Media Analyst

“A social media analyst boosts the online presence of a company by integrating social media, search engine optimization techniques and blogging into a brand’s identity.” –

Social Media Specialist

“The Social Media Specialist will be charged with managing a number of client’s social media profiles and executing the marketing strategy.” –

Social Media Coordinator

“You’ll be responsible for making sure that all of the posts go live every day. You can’t just post on a whim, though. You’ll follow a posting calendar for all of the social media accounts. Message relevancy is very important for social media coordinators. You’ll speak to people in all of your company’s departments to make sure you’re staying on message with each post.” –

Social Media Community Manager

“A social media manager is responsible for being the brand on social media. A community manager is responsible for advocating a brand on social networks. They create their own social persona and actively go out within the online community to connect with potential customers and advocate accordingly.” –

Social Media Ad Planner

If you love to plan and likes to research, you’ll fit well as a social media planner. Your primary responsibility is to plan out advertising for the brand or a product that will give the best ROI (return of investment).

Job Requirements and Skills

I won’t list all the requirements and skills because that can easily be found on Google. I’m going to share some tips instead. *Smile*

Knowing how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels is just a start. Having a creative mind and great attention to detail will help you be more effective in your role.

Having the ability to embrace a brand’s voice is a great skill to have. Using your own voice in creating posts will disalign it from the brand. There should be a consistency across all social media platforms and in the company’s website.

Another tip I always like to share is to stay on top of the trends. Algorithms change. Terms and conditions change. People’s preferences change. You cannot stick to only one strategy. As your brand and business grow, so should your strategy.

Last but definitely not the least, understand your target market and connect with them. Not only as a brand or a business but as a human. People like to connect. It’s nice to feel special. To be valued. There’s a reason why we call it “valued customers”. Take off your marketing hat without sounding unprofessional.


Are you working on social media? Share with us your tips and any advice on how to be successful a successful social media worker!

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