Want To Go To Paris? Here’s How I Did It For Only 42,758.61PHP From Manila!

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Have you ever dreamed of going to Paris? Perhaps it’s been your lifelong dream to see the Eiffel Tower in person?

But the thought of flying to Paris from across the globe can be a bit overwhelming.

It can be. But it’s possible.

I’m a huge believer of “making things happen” and I’m known to follow my dreams even if it meant traveling across the world just to see one thing or eat a certain kind of food.

Paris is my ultimate destination. The number one on my bucket list.

When my cousin invited us to her wedding in Tuscany, I knew it was the best time to visit France. And that would mean I would be able to visit it with my siblings too. Huge bonus!

I try to stay away from travel agencies because I know it would cost more if I book from them. Plus I really love to plan my travels. Unless ofcourse I really need the help, which I usually do in touring new cities, then I try to find the best travel agency to book the tours.

Anyway, let’s go back to how to make your Parisian dream happen!

I have included all my flights below so you’ll be able to see the total cost. This was not the cheapest time of the year to travel to Europe so if you visit during the low season, you can definitely score a cheaper flight!

How lovely is the Eiffel Tower? I will never get tired of looking at it!

Le coupe de foudre ♥️

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In this flight, I was also able to go out of the airport in Amsterdam and tour a bit with my siblings. I am beyond grateful for this experience. I have always dreamt of traveling to Europe with my family and even though my parents weren’t able to join us, I am still very happy to share this with my brother and sister.

Manila to Hong Kong

Total Cost: 7,745 PHP

Note: This was not the cheapest flight for this date as my brother bought my ticket and he chose the standard flex rate (free 20kg baggage, free meal, free seat selection, free water) and also paid for the Philippines Travel Tax. You can opt for the cheaper rate if your tight on budget.

Hong Kong to Paris, France

Total Cost: 4,322 HKD = 29,247.94 PHP

Note: I chose KLM because I am a Flying Blue frequent flyer member. There are other airlines with cheaper fare but I won’t be able to gain points. And I really love the service of KLM. Flying from Hong Kong to Europe however is the cheapest route I could find. If I leave from Manila, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, the fares are higher.

Hong Kong to Manila


Total Cost: 852 HKD =5765.67 PHP

Note: This was the cheapest flight I could find but I also bought a 20kg baggage which is included in the total cost of this flight.

Total Cost of flights: 7,745 + 29,247.94 + 5765.67 = 42,758.61 PHP

How To Save Money For Your Trip

People keep asking me how I could afford to travel. The answer is simple: I work.

The first time I went to Europe (Finland) I worked 4 jobs for more than 60 hours a week. No it’s not so healthy (and writing 4 articles a day is no joke) but I made it work because I was determined to experience snow 🙂 I did this for around 6 months and I was able to  save enough money to apply for a visa and buy a ticket.

I have a different mindset when it comes to saving money for my travels. I research (a lot) on how much I need for a certain trip. I look at fares, hotels and places to visit.

Let’s take Paris for example.

I would need around 45,000 to be able to buy all the tickets I need.

Depending on how much time I have, I will then divide it so I know how much money I need to save each payroll.

Be realistic when you’re saving. And take out tithes first and trust me, He will really bless you more 😉 I’m a living testimony of that.

Once you have saved some money, you can either keep it or invest it. How much risk you’re willing to take depends on you. I prefer to keep some and invest some.

Another tip is to change your mindset and not focus on how expensive it is to travel to Paris but how you can afford to travel to Paris.

Seriously, how bad do you want it?

Bonjour ♥️

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It may mean giving up a few trips to the salon or keeping your shopping to a minimum to be able to save. You can also work harder and get a part time job or level up your selling skills to increase your income.

There are so many ways you can earn money so the best time to start doing whatever your dreaming of is NOW.

The next time I will visit Europe, I will definitely go during low season to be able to save more on my fares. I really want to visit Budapest, Iceland and go back to Poland and Czech Republic. Which makes me think, should I organize a group tour to Europe? It would be so much fun to travel together! 🙂

P.S. I didn’t include the hotels, transportations, tours and other expenses because it depends on every individual’s preferences. I can definitely write a separate post about it so let me know if you want that in the comments below.

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