10 Days of Engaging Posts For The Holidays

I can almost smell Christmas! And there’s no better way to engage your audience than to post something that they want to see! But what kind of posts are they? In my experience, here are my top 10 engaging posts for the holidays!

Post #1: Post an Image. A lot of people are visual-types. The most successful posts I’ve encountered that’s been shared and have a lot of engagement are shared images. Two of the best images you can share are inspirational quotes or something funny. You’ll never go wrong with these two!

Here’s an example of an inspirational quote image:

Post #2: Share a Trending Video/Article. Sharing something that has already gained a lots of views would grab the attention of your audience and you might be able to reach out to those you didn’t even thought would be engaged with your posts. Cute videos about animals and kids get a lot of views so you might want to share something about that.

Post #3: Snap a behind-the-scene picture of your company/employees while working. For a holiday touch, let them wear a santa hat while you snap the photo or have a christmas-costume day at work. People likes to see the people behind businesses and it can increase engagement in your page.

Post #4: Create and share an infographic about your business or something related. If you are a travel company, you can make an infographic about the best after-holiday destinations that includes travel tips for each places. Or if you are in the Marketing field, you can share the best marketing strategies in 2015 and what should people look forward to in 2016.

Post #5: Promote your product wisely and naturally (no marketing words). Pick the best product you have, something that will come in handy this season if possible, and share it in social media with a great caption that won’t come as trying too hard or begging people to purchase. You can ask the audience to tag you in their pictures and share the best out of the bunch. This will be a social proof to your audience that real people use your products. Which brings me to the next post…

Post #6: Host a contest in your page. As I have mentioned above, you can ask your customers to take a pic of them with your product or while they’re using it (if possible) and the lucky winner will receive a free product and will be posted in the company’s social media pages. For those who are in the Yoga industry, have your customers take the best pic of them doing a yoga pose (this is trending!). Or if you have a travel blog, share a beautiful photo and have your audience guess where that picture is taken from.

I'm dreaming of a white #Christmas 💖💖 Beautiful shot shared by @amazinq.places ☺️

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Post #7: Post something creative that’s not directly selling your service. Let’s say you are an Author of a self-help book about moving on from a break-up, you can post an image about a happy woman that looks free or a creative image of your book. You can try to promote your book in the caption but if you want to be less pushy, you can include an excerpt from your book that describes (or something closer) the image. And you can add the name of the book at the end of it.

Post #8: Promote other products/services you don’t offer. This might sound like an old marketing strategy but it can work if done right. You’ll never know, the company you promote might promote your services in their pages as well. But never expect them to promote in return. It’s the season of giving so give what you can, even free promotion!

Post #9: Reward the loyals. Behind every successful company is a handful of loyal customers. I’m pretty sure you know who your loyal customers are, especially if they are active in social media and have been liking all your posts! Connect with them and show potential customers that you are not just into selling, but also you notice and reward your loyal customers. You can send them a free product and have them snap a photo that you will share in social media. I will be very stoked if I was “that” customer!

Post #10: Share “A-day-in-the-life” of your employees. This will pique the interest of your readers and they would appreciate that kind of transparency. A short write up with a series of photos from morning till night would be a really great idea.

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