Hello there, I’m RJ LYN!

I am a traveling introvert who enjoys wandering in different countries, treat my taste buds, discover what the world has to offer and write about it!

I created this blog to help other people who wants to travel and hopefully inspire them to live the life they have always wanted. I know there are countless travel and inspirational websites out there but there is always room for one more blog.

I also love discovering and tasting new cuisines so I’m going to share delicious foods on my blog as well. When I’m at home, I love to create and recreate recipes from my kitchen.

I have always been passionate about writing and poetry which is why I have built my blogs. My ultimate goal is to travel around the world and write from every corner of the places I visit. So far, I have been to a couple of countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia! Want to know where my next destination is? Stay tuned!

And oh, will work for travel! 😉