10 Things I Learned in Australia

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I have been so busy these past few weeks working on new projects and with new clients. It’s no excuse but the cold weather didn’t help either. Now I’m typing this at 5am because I woke up early and thought that this would be a great time to write as there are little to no distractions. *smile*

I visited Australia last April and there are things I learned about myself  when I was there that I want to share with you.

1. I love Roadtrips

We went on a lot of roadtrips and even though I had gone on roadtrips before, it was one for the books. When we arrived in Melbourne, we went roadtripping right away and stopped over little towns for coffee, a snack and taking pictures. I guess the weather helped too ’cause it was cool but most of my pictures in the Great Ocean Road are gloomy because the sun didn’t came out. And we went there twice but the weather was still the same.

Sunday drive ☺️

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2. I can survive eating once a day

I didn’t know about intermittent fasting until this trip. I didn’t do it on purpose but I realized that the cold weather made me sleep more. I left the bed around lunch time but actually have my meals a few hours after when I go out and explore the city. What surprised me the most was I didn’t experience any terrible hunger pangs. I lost weight when I was there and I didn’t even exert any effort. But now that I’m back home, it’s quite hard to do it since I wake up early and home cooked meals are the best!

My routine there was sleep around 11 or midnight and wake up around 7 and then sleep more and wake up around 11 or 12. I usually have my first meal or my only meal at 3 or 4pm. And most days I was living off on pizza. No regrets!

Good morning #melbourne ☺️ Why so gloomy today 😂 #oldpost

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3. I rely too much on the internet

I work online. I like staying connected online. The struggle is real when you travel to a different country and don’t have any access to internet. Luckily for me, Australia has good and stable internet. If you need to access the internet all the time, I suggest you buy the tourist sim in the airport (I bought mine in Sydney) so you can connect using your phone. Plus it’s easy to recharge your credits. I remember doing it online when I ran out.

4. I love cold weather

I’ve known this when I first experienced winter but it’s been a while so it felt like the first time again. However, I underestimated the weather in Australia. Ha! I only brought summer clothes so I had to buy thermal leggings, a jacket and sneakers.

5. I need to be more present. I was sad because I knew I had to leave.

Every single day when I was there, there was this little sadness because I knew I had to leave. I loved the food so much, love the places I went to, love everything about my trip really so I was focusing more on that than actually enjoying every moment to the fullest. When I went back to Malaysia, I bought the book Practicing the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle so I know how to be more present. It’s life changing guys. It’s different to be present than just being there.

Oh the things I would give up just to see you again ✌🏽

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6. I want to have my own family

In the future, I want to have a husband and kids. I’ve seen so many families while I was there and I thought it would be nice to have one. I never really give much thought about this but I would definitely love to have my own family in the future.

7. Never underestimate the power of comfy shoes. Shy away from cheap ones that will give you blisters.

I bought sneakers while I was in Sydney because my boots and slip-ons gave me nasty blisters. I swore to myself I wouldn’t buy shoes that aren’t comfy enough to walk for an hour. I think I spent most of my time limping while exploring Australia. Not even kidding.

Missing #boots weather ☺️🖤

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Say hello to my cute star wars plasters to cover them blisters!

8. One jacket is enough. So buy a good one.

I bought a leather jacket from Dotti and I wore it almost every day. It was quite pricey but it does the job. It was my first leather jacket and I know it is a good investment.

Sweater weather 😁

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9. People come and go and you don’t have the power to make them stay.

I wouldn’t dig too much on this point but it’s true. Begging won’t help either. If a person leaves, they leave because they chose to leave.

And then there are places I cannot visit without seeing you. #Sunset #Goodnight

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10. I love Australia. And I will come back.

I just received my new visa for 3 months and I am flying to Australia again on January with my brother. We are going to watch the Australian Open and hopefully visit more places in Melbourne.

I’m thinking of writing how to get an Australian Visa without leaving your house but there are already a lot of articles written about it. But if you want me to write one, just leave a comment or an email and I would love to share how I got my Australian Visa.

I finally found you. I 💓 you 🇦🇺

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Have you ever been to Australia? What were your favorite places? Share it with me in the comments section below! 🙂

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