Boss Lady Eats: PHÁT PHO

First food post! Woohoo! If there’s anything I love more than traveling, it’s trying new foods. I love to cook and experiment. And I also love to, yes you guessed it right, EAT.

I couldn’t count how many meals I’ve eaten in the past 26 years but it’s definitely more than the Rick and Morty episodes 😋 (making this comparison because I miss watching Rick and Morty).

This post is close to “live” as I am typing this at Phat Pho in Ayala Cebu.

It’s my first time here and looks like it’s not going to be my last. ☺️ I ordered Pho Bo (Classic Pho with Shaved Beef: 219 pesos) and Marinared Tofu Summer Rolls (169 pesos). For my drinks, I always go for bottled water (39 pesos).

Compared to Fast Food places, the prices are quite pricey. But for the taste, I say the price is definitely worth it! Food is something I splurge on. Guilty. Whether I’m traveling overseas or locally, I always try my best to eat different foods during my stay.

I have been to Vietnam a couple of times and there are three dishes I can’t get enough of: banh mi, pho and fresh rolls.

Pho Bo: Tastes really good and the beef was so tender. I’ve tried many phos in different countries and so far this one is the closest. The only thing I would’ve like to make it even more delicious is to add more herbs. ☺️

Summer Rolls: The rolls came with two dipping sauces: sweet and sour and peanut sauce. I prefer the sweet and sour sauce as it tastes better with the rolls. I’m not sure what they marinated the tofu but it was very subtle. No strong flavors there which is good.

If you’re in Ayala and craving for something delicious, head on over to Phat Pho. It is in the same level as Banana Leaf (1 floor lower from Starbucks and Fully Booked).

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