I haven’t published a single blogpost on June because aside from the fact that I was slacking, I got busy with work, traveling and personal shenanigans. Teehee!

It’s 11:57PM here in the Philippines as I am typing right now. If you’re wondering why I’m up this late, well I have been sleeping all morning because I’ve been feeling under the weather since I arrived here in Manila.

My allergies got so bad and I developed heat rash ’cause it’s so warm over here. *eyes rolling*

This is the first time I developed heat rash on my hands, YES HANDS, what a weird place to develop heat rash LOL.

Well anyway, enough about that because I feel better than I did two weeks ago. No more cough and colds, just an earache about to go away πŸ™‚ I’m thinking my way to a healthy state! It’s all in the mind they say.

I chose the title “New Beginnings” because this blogpost is a start of something new. *grin*

I have been focusing on travel and productivity in this blog but I realized there are a lot of things I can write about and share to all of you my lovely readers. (I’m being mushy)

I want to touch base with lifestyle topics and starting anew in the metro. This is one of the BIG changes in my life, I’m moving to Metro Manila! I never really thought that I would survive living here for a week, much more living here for years. It’s scary but exciting. I’m still adjusting but I really like that everything I needed is within reach.

I mean it’s so hard to find fresh strawberries and blueberries in my city but here, a simple trip to the groceries and I’m showered with options!

It’s somehow dangerous though because most of my favourite foods are available here. Ha! I haven’t tried Din Tai Fung here in the Philippines so it’s definitely on top of my places to eat!

Another thing that also hindered me from posting last monthΒ is my laptop.

Here’s what happened.

I watched one of my fave series on my laptop (Face Off Season 11) and fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day to use my laptop, it went straight to Safe Mode. That was the first time it happened.

I was confused because I couldn’t login using my password and I realized that my keyboard was the problem. It’s acting like the shift key is pressed all the time. So everything is in capital letters and symbols. No lowercase, no numbers. This made my working life very difficult. I work online so imagine how hard it was for me to get some work done.

Fast forward to the weekend, I brought my laptop to a Power Mac Center to have it checked. I prayed so hard that it wouldn’t cost me much for the repair. Well it cost too much. 2,500 for the checking fee and 11,000-15,000 pesos for the replacement of the parts that “might” have been damaged.

So I opted to go forward to my next option which is to buy a bluetooth keyboard. However, the only bluetooth keyboard I could find was the same size as my old iPhone 6. It was too small that’s why I went for the USB type keyboard (which is what I’m using right now). Thank God it works!

The only problem I have left now is my flickering screen since the keyboard of my mac is still working so it still acts like the shift key is pressed but the good thing now is I can type with lowercase and use numbers. I’ll deal with the flickering screen later.

By the way, if you have experienced the same with you macbook, please let me know how you solved it! πŸ™‚

There are still so many new things that’s going on in my life but I’ll reserve all of it for my upcoming posts.

It’s now 12:36AM so I’m going to finish a few bits of work and call it a night.


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