Boss Lady Eats: Yoree Korean Barbecue Dining

I haven’t eaten in a korean restaurant where I didn’t feel like my clothes are about to burst after until now.

My siblings and I love Korean food so much so whenever we’re together and if it’s available in the city we’re in, we’d always go for korean food. Our favourite is San Sung near Makati Ave. but because the rain was pouring last week, I searched for something closer in BGC.

Stumbled upon Yoree and boy were we excited! My sister came over to visit me in Taguig and I promised her I would treat her to a korean restaurant.

We went to Yoree for dinner and the place was full. There were only two tables available. I thought the food must be really good. I was very excited.

We ordered Gojuchang Samgyeopsal, Dduk Bokki, Kimchi Pajeon and Woo Samgyeop.

For all the foods we ordered, they only have three side dishes to go with. Shocking.

The serving for each meal were good for half a person. Lol. Or maybe I am just so used with the generous servings in other korean restaurants.

The service wasn’t so great either. You know the waitstaff isn’t attentive when you have to tilt your neck and raise it like a goose in order for them to see you. 😂 The kimchi pajeon took more than an hour to be served. After we finished our food in what seem like 5 minutes, I asked for the bill. It took more than 30 minutes. The lady must’ve forgotten I asked for it cause I had to ask for the bill again.

We went in hungry and we went out hungrier LOL. However, I saw their Cheesy Dak Kanjeong being served on the table next to us and it looks really delicious for only half the price of what we paid. So maybe we’re going to try that next time.

We decided to go to Mercato Centrale Night Market to fill ourselves up. I’ll blog about the different foods in the night market next time so stay tuned!

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