It’s very easy to forget the things that matter most to us. These days we’re obsessed with Netflix, TikTok, taking selfies and social media but actually none of those things really matter very much, do they?

They may offer a mild diversion from our chores but they’re also a distraction and a time-waster.

The community quarantine has helped me shift back my focus.

So let me ask you, have you taken your focus off on what really matters in life?

What have you been spending most of your time on? What is your priority in life? Material wealth? Your business? To win the heart of that guy/girl? A car?

Today, I want you to examine your life and see what you’re truly living for.

Saying that Covid-19 has stirred up the whole world is an understatement. It brought about fears, showed the true colours of the people around me and most of all, it showed me again what really matters in life.

I will personally walk you through a reminder of what does matter to me and you may find that it matters to you too.

Be happy now and remain joyful whatever the circumstances may be.

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.” James 1:2

I used to worry a lot. I still worry now about a lot of things so I make it a point to read the scriptures and have daily devotions because it calms down my anxiety.

2019 was a tough year. 2020 is no different. But one thing I realized that being joyful or being happy is not something you get when you attain something. You can be joyful in times of trouble. If you’re deeply rooted in His love, Joy is the core of your being.

Be authentic and search your heart for who you really are.

Be yourself—everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

This is one of my favourite quotes. It’s quite hard to be original these days.

Let me ask you..

Who are you? What do you really stand for? Who are you without your family, education and career? Again, who are you?

It’s up to you to discover your authentic self.

Live your purpose and shine bright while you’re at it.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~ Robert Byrne

Each one of us has a calling.

“Search for your purpose in life as though your life depends on it, because it does.”

My main purpose in life is to glorify God in whatever I do. In my life, in my marriage, in my family, in my goals, in my dreams, in my house chores, in my job, in my writing, in my talents. But it is not easy.

I get sidetracked, I get distracted, I still listen to songs and watch movies/series that isn’t align with my purpose in life. I get angry sometimes. I lose my cool. In short, I’m a work in progress. But He is kind and gracious to forgive me of my shortcomings.

I want to challenge you today to rethink your purpose in life and align your goals to it.

Restart, refresh and revamp your life.

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” Meister Eckhart

Sometimes we need to hit the reset button on life. And I love this quote because in order to refresh your life, you don’t need to do a drastic change.

It can simply be changing your routine. Wake up earlier, cook more often, listen more, worry less, start a new habit, try a new recipe for the whole family, or even saying thank you or I love you to your spouse. Be more grateful. Be more kind. Be more gentle as you speak. Listen to your kids and appreciate it when they want to show you something for the 24th time.

Spend your time wisely.

Now is the best time to do the things that you couldn’t do before because you didn’t have time.

Social media is addicting and it’s easy to spend all your time mindlessly scrolling. And long before you know it, you’ve spent the whole morning or afternoon commenting on different posts, sharing your opinions, watching videos, ranting on Facebook, share everything you’ve eaten the whole day.

I know social media can be an outlet for many, to take their minds off of their problems, to lessen the loneliness they feel or whatever reason you may have. But please, practice self-control.

Our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect. Research has shown that, “The persons who use social media platforms most often have been shown to be three times as likely to harbor feelings of depression and anxiety. Its users tend to report feeling worse about themselves from one minute to the next, and increased Facebook use even correlates with reports of reduced life satisfaction overall.

You can use this time to reflect or try different hobbies. I have tried gardening, gone back to making origami, trying different recipes, clean that area in your house that you’ve been ignoring for a long time or relax and do nothing. We are so used to be doing something that relaxing means we’re still doing other stuff. Be still. Be present. Be just there in the moment.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is the first time I’ve written in the a long time where I’m feeling very excited to write about a topic. 🙂

Stay home and stay safe everyone. We can get through this together.

RJ Lyn xx

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