There are so many words to describe life in the metro but relaxing isn’t one of them.

The hustle and bustle of big cities aren’t really my thing. So when I come over and visit, I look for ways to relax and still enjoy the things that big cuties has to offer.

It’s my first time to stay in Taguig as I always choose to stay in Makati because it’s the only place in Metro Manila where I’m most familiar with. Plus San Sung is located in Makati so that’s a big plus.

However, I wanted to experience condo living in Manila and Taguig has great deals in Airbnb and the location is great. I love preparing my own meals and being able to cook is one of the perks in living in a condominium. And most of the hotels don’t offer this option.

I chose to stay at Ridgewood Towers as it is close to almost everything I need and want to to visit in Taguig. Most establishments are in walking distance but let me remind you that you’ll experience the polluted air every time you go to the main road. Which is really sad. When I walked from SM Aura to the condo, my face started to itch a lot from the dust and polluted air. Eeeek. If you have extra money to spare, I suggest using Grab. The cost is reasonable unless it’s peak hours and the rates are higher.

If you plan to visit Taguig, here are some things you can do to relax.

1. Watch the sun rise.

Here’s a view from the second unit where I stayed in Ridgewood Towers. The view is just as lovely at night. But when I woke up early the next day, the view took my breath away. It’s beautiful. If you haven’t tried sunrise and sunset watching, now’s the time to do it. It’s another way of meditating.

2. Get some work done.

I work from home or wherever I am traveling and it’s relaxing for me to work because I love what I do. Writing for me is another form of meditation. If you’re on vacation, you can watch movies or listen to music while enjoying the beautiful view.

3. Go for a lovely dinner at Venice Grand Mall.

Venice Grand Mall is one of the fancy malls in the Metro located in McKinley Hills. There are many food places to choose from. There are different dining options from korean restaurants to filipino restaurants to a whole lot of choices in the food court. One of my favourite place to eat Filipino foods is Hukad, near Denny’s.

4. Cool down in the pool.

Summer is here and it’s on its peak. It’s usually 34 degrees and that’s too much for me. I prefer cold weather unless I’m in the beach. But when I’m in the city or just at home, I would rather have a rainy day or a cooler weather. Another way to stay cool in summer is to have a dip in the pool. Good thing most condominiums and hotels have pools nowadays. However, be wary that not all establishments change their water regularly and instead just treat the water.

5. Watch a movie in the cinema.

I love the cinema in SM Aura. However, when I watched Avengers Infinity War there, the only available seats were at the front so I had to seat strategically on the chair to be able to appreciate the movie. I couldn’t be bothered so I still enjoyed every bit of it. I love the movie. I’m a big nerd and I can’t wait for the second movie next year! SM Aura also has a Director’s Club cinema. I haven’t tried watching a movie there but I have tried watching in Director’s Club at SM Seaside Cebu. Comfiest reclining chairs ever.

6. Enjoy a cup of salted caramel froyo.

Salted caramel is one of my many weaknesses when it comes to flavours. I love anything salted caramel. Pinkberry has one of the best froyos for me and I usually end my shopping time with a mini cup. They offer other flavours and a lot of toppings. I prefer a plain salted caramel because I like to focus on one taste and not get distracted with other flavours.

7. Prepare a healthy breakfast.

One of my go to brekkys is a bowl of fresh strawberries with yogurt. This is another perk in living in the big city. There are just so many fruits to choose from and more healthy products available. I couldn’t buy fresh strawberries back home because they don’t sell it there. *sobs*

There goes my short list on how to have a relaxing day and night in Taguig. Let me know any tips you have and if you ever visit Taguig and do one of the things in this list πŸ™‚

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