Instagram-Worthy Healthy Foods and Drinks at healTHYselfcdo (Centrio Mall)

Instagram-Worthy Healthy Foods and Drinks at healTHYselfcdo (Centrio Mall)

I was googling healthy restaurants in Cagayan de Oro and one of the results was the Facebook Page of healTHYselfcdo.

That’s why when we visited Cagayan de Oro last weekend, we went to Centrio Mall to try their smoothie bowls and vegan blends.

I ordered a Mango Bliss smoothie bowl, my husband had the Beet It vegan blend and my mama ordered the Green Waves vegan blend. We skipped on their salad because my husband and I have been eating salad almost every day since last week. Went “gaga” in Rustan’s Fresh when I did our grocery LOL

Back to the review, if there’s one thing consistent in our orders (aside from all of it being healthy) was the “consistency”. It was thick. Not sure if the vegan blends were supposed to be drank as it had oats sprinkled on top but they did gave us straws so maybe it was really for sipping LOL but it was too thick to sip so we asked for spoons instead.

Mine on the other hand was thick but like melted ice-cream kind of thick. If that makes any sense at all. It was delicious but I could barely taste the mango. It tasted like the banana smoothie that I used to make at home. The toppings only had two squares of mangoes so maybe it would be better if there were more mangoes than bananas. Overall, it tasted great. But it could be better if there were more toppings and more mangoes in the blend.


All of our orders were at 185 pesos each.

Here are some pictures of the place and what we ordered:

I definitely urge everyone to visit healTHYself CDO at 2nd level in Centrio Mall.

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