I’ve been brainstorming a lot lately and I’ve come up with a daily theme for my blog and on Mondays, I’m going to share Motivational Quotes, my Self-Improvement series or Journal with Me.

And today, it’s my first ever Journal with Me post! Exciting!

I’m a huge fan of Abbey Sy and I’ve been participating in the #2020CreativeJournalingChallenge since the start of the year. And now, I find myself interacting with an amazing community that’s full of creative people that has similar interests.

If you’ve been planning to start a journaling habit, I’d say go start it today! It doesn’t have to be complicated or artsy. Start where you are.

Buy a Notebook That Inspires You To Write

I have a notebook for almost everything. I like to organize my thoughts so I have different notebook/journals for every topic. But I have one handbag journal where I take with me anywhere I go and full of random notes. If you’re planning to start a journaling habit, I suggest that you buy a notebook that’s appealing to you.

My journals have different styles, patterns and colors. My handbag journal is all black because it’s my favorite color. I have my eye on a journal from National Bookstore which is an animal print notebook. Had to stop myself from buying it because I still have empty notebooks at home.

Here are my different journals:

Choose a Journaling Style

My journaling style varies depending on my mood. I have a journal that I fill creatively. I also have a journal just for writing, basically like a diary. I have a journal that’s a mix of the two.

Pinterest and Instagram is a great place to get inspiration from. But most of the time, I let my creativity take over and just create my own. Sometimes, when I try to copy a style that I really like, I get frustrated because I couldn’t get it right. LOL. So instead of beating myself up for not being able to master a font or have my journal look like what I see on social media, I try to come up with my own style.

Blast Your Favorite Song

I have a journaling song, Chihiro by Yoste and playlist, Lyndie on Spotify, that I put on whenever I write. I guess it tricks my brain to be on a creative mode or maybe a writing mode because the words and ideas just flow through.

Before you start your journaling habit, pick a song that gives you that happy feeling. Something that lifts up your mood when you hear it.

I’ve been playing Chihiro by Yoste since 2017/2018 and I still play it every morning when I write in my devotional journal.

Try To Journal Everyday

In order to make journaling a habit, it is best to do it every day. I don’t write in all my journals every day but I try to write on at least one of them. My devotional journal and my handbag journal are the two notebooks that I use all the time.

You can have just one journal for everything or have different notebooks like me.

Whatever you choose, commit to writing on it every day.

Stay tuned for more Journal with Me posts 🙂

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