Cooking is something I really love doing which is why I’m always on the lookout for different products to try to whip up new recipes.

As I was searching for a lip tint in BeautyMNL, I stumbled on their Wellness category and saw 7grains Co. products.

I use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos in my recipes so I was very keen to try their Skinny Seasoning.

I ended up buying the skinny seasoning and their tamarind puree.

Let me tell you this: BEST. PURCHASE. EVER.

I don’t follow a strict diet but I do my best to eat more natural foods and use less processed or artificial products in the kitchen. It would be so nice to live in a place where products like 7Grains can easily be shopped. Which is why I’m so grateful for online shopping because not only is it convenient but it also allows me to buy products that are not available in my city.

7Grains Co. Tamarind Puree

I made tamarind juice when I received my package and used stevia to sweeten it. It is very refreshing. (I am sipping tamarind juice with stevia as I am typing this blog now haha)

If you’re wondering about the ingredients, it’s really just one kilo of pure tamarind pulp puree.

Here’s a simple recipe of my tamarind juice:

A dollop of 7Grains Co. Tamarind Puree

1 and 1/2 cup of cold water

1 packet Stevia Powder

7Grains Co. Skinny Seasoning

I cooked stir fried noodles yesterday and used the skinny seasoning to try it out. The taste was amazing. My whole family loved it. I might have added more pepper though so it was a bit spicy. But definitely to our liking.

For dinner, I tried using it again but this time as sauce for my Chicken Adobo. Again, it was a success because my family, especially my nephew loved it. Usually, when I try a new product or use a healthier alternative, they can always taste the difference. But with the skinny seasoning added, it still gave a delicious taste. I still used soy sauce though but lesser.

It’s also a great sawsawan for anything fried or steamed dishes. I haven’t tried adding calamansi to it but would try that out next time especially if I make another batch of siomai.

If you’re curious about the taste, it somehow reminded me and my sister of kikkoman but a lighter version of it. It doesn’t have a strong smell too.

Would I recommend it? YES! The tamarind puree is perfect for the summer-like weather in October and the skinny seasoning is just what your pantry needs. Even the those who don’t cook will love this.

Have you tried any products from 7Grains Co.? Let me know in the comments! I am excited to try their pasta, ketchup and calamansi puree!

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