Ever wondered how some people just have the perfect set of brows and lashes all the time? Like they just woke up like that? While some of them really did wake up like that, women like me, who’s blessed with short, straight lashes know the hassle of applying mascara and how long it takes to achieve the perfect brows.

I’ve worked with many companies and brands from Australia so I was really excited to try and experience the Australian way of things. Including Lash Extensions and Brow Shaping.

I had to say it was quite pricey when compared to the services here in the Philippines so let’s not compare it. *smile*

I visited the Browco Brow Bar in Westfield Bondi Junction, located on the 2nd level. It is a bit hard to find (for me at least) as I didn’t know they were only a stall. I was looking for a salon-like place so I was lost and had to ask a couple of times (different people) on where it is. Even went on 2 different floors to find it but it was on level 2.

There were only two ladies in the booth that day and both of them were busy so I had to wait for a while. I suggest you make an appointment first before visiting them. I didn’t really mind since I had to buy some stuff in the grocery store. When I came back, it was my turn.

This was the only picture I had in the booth. It was a small one but it was pretty stylish.

The lash extensions took an hour (or probably more) and the brow wax and tint was less than 30 minutes. During the lash extensions procedure, my left eye started hurting and I thought it was the glue but it was actually the tape the lash artist put under my eye. She apologized and moved the tape. What a relief! We had a small talk and she shared she’s from Europe and just moved to Australia. Our conversation ended quickly as I had to sit still and not move so we were quiet for a long time.

After she finished, she asked me to open my eyes to see if it was what I wanted. It wasn’t. I didn’t like it. It didn’t look like the samples I’ve seen in their Instagram. It was too long and thin. I asked her nicely to trim the ends since it was very long. I’m not the type to nag and get angry so I let her work on my brows next. She waxed it first and then I started laughing when she put the tint on. I was scared it would look so dark. Those who have tried the brow tint would know what I’m talking about. *giggles* She wiped off the tint and I saw my newly shaped brows. I didn’t really see a drastic change with regards to my brows since I already have dark hair. Once we were done, I paid my balance and she gave me two brushes for my lashes and taught me how to use it.

I did a little shopping after and got home around 7pm. Much to my surprise, my lashes looked really good. They looked like the samples I saw in their page. It just needed some time to sit on my lashes and I was really happy. Very happy.

And I started taking pictures.

All my pictures were taken after I had my brows and lashes done. I didn’t having any pictures taken during the procedures. Unfortunately, no one was there to take a picture of me and I can’t take pics cause I had to keep my eyes closed for an hour. *sigh* These photos were all taken in our apartment across Westfield Bondi Junction.

Here’s a picture (front) of their Price List Handouts. Isn’t it beautiful?

Here’s their full price list (back). I had the Brow Wax and Tint which costs $39 and a Full Set Mink Fiber for $120.

Tadaaaaa! Here’s my fresh lashes and brows:

We went out for dinner near the Opera House and even if I was sleepy, my eyes looked bigger and brighter with my new lashes.



I would definitely recommend getting your brows and lashes done in Browco Brow Bar. Lovely staff, great place and best results!

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