How To Make Siomai (Shumai) in Less Than 10 Minutes

I love cooking but I don’t usually follow a cook book. I own a couple of cookbooks but more often than not, I try to change the recipes a bit. Sometimes, I even make my own version.

Shumai, or commonly known as siomai in the Philippines, “is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling, originated from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In Cantonese cuisine, it is usually served as dim sum. Along with Chinese diaspora, variation of Shaomai also appears in Japan and Southeast Asia”, according to Wikipedia.

For my filling, I used ground lean pork, Jícama or singakamas, carrots, egg, sesame oil, salt and pepper. I didn’t put any artificial seasoning because it may make my food tastier, but it can also have bad effects in my body in the long run and I don’t want that.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and here you go!

I used a bigger wrapper because I couldn’t find the smaller ones. That’s why my siomai looks a bit different from the commercial ones. 🙂 They are like little baskets. 🙂

Here are my little siomai baskets 🙂

This is a really old steamer, perhaps a little younger than me but it works great. It’s very old school, I love it!

For my sauce, it won’t be complete without chili oil. And this is one of my favorite brands. You can buy this at any store. It’s quite pricey but this can last for a while. Although once you start using it, you may have to stop yourself from using it every meal time. 🙂

And the best partner for my chili oil, Calamansi!

Here’s my version of pork siomai 🙂 you can eat it alone or pair it with noodles or rice. 🙂

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