Getting a massage is one of my favourite things to do to relax and de-stress. I have been very busy with work for the past months and the constant bus travels are taking a toll on my body, which is why I’ve been dying to get a massage when we arrived home.

I’m so fortunate to be living in a city where getting a massage is affordable. Plus you really get the service that you pay for πŸ˜‰ So if you’re from Butuan or traveling to Butuan, you shouldn’t miss getting a massage (or two) during your stay here!

Here are my top seven massage and spa in Butuan:

Manja Spa & Salon 1st Branch (Used to be Mandara Spa & Salon/Body & Sole)

I have been getting a massage in Manja (they were still Body and Sole before then Mandara) for as long as I can remember. It’s a family favourite. I love their indulgence packages which is a must if you really want to be pampered from head to foot. Even though my favourite therapists no longer work here, I would still recommend getting a massage in Manja.

Tip: Parking here is limited especially in the afternoon. We usually get a massage at night where there are less cars parked outside of Mandara.

Mandara Spa & Salon is located at Lopez Jaena St. A few blocks away from FSUU.

Manja Spa & Salon 2nd Branch (Used to be Mandara Spa & Salon)

I was in Manja a few days ago, getting their signature Traditional Hilot which is 2 hours of pure bliss! This is just what I needed to loosen my muscles and I felt all the stiffness melting away like M&Ms in your mouth. LOL. Manja is another favourite of ours (especially my husband). You would definitely love their after-massage tea too. Don’t take my word for it though, go ahead and get a 2-hour massage. πŸ™‚

Tip: They easily get fully booked so book in advance or get a massage in the afternoon. Parking is not a problem here πŸ™‚ Also, ask for Ate Janet if she’s available, she’s the best.

Manja Spa & Salon 2nd branch is located at 2F Samping Avenue. You can like their Facebook Page here:

Grand Royal Spa

I’ve been here only twice (if my memory serves me right) but I really liked their stone massage. The only downside of my experience here was the therapist left me for a while and it was a bit cold in the room. A blanket or any cover would have been nice. Despite that, I’d still want you to try getting a massage here πŸ™‚

Grand Royal Spa is located at 2nd Floor PS Arcade, J.P. Rosales Avenue.

Aum Wellness Spa & Massage

Had a massage here with my brother, sister and in-laws. The place is quite small but it didn’t matter because we enjoyed the massage. It’s strategically located near a hotel, a convenience store, a few restaurants, a nail salon and a cafe. It’s perfect for those who love to fill their bellies (like me!) after a massage.

You can visit Aum Wellness Spa & Massage at Watergate Butuan, J. Rosales Street. Like their Facebook Page here:

Thai Boran Massage

I love thai massage especially when it incorporates gentle stretching. But because you’ll have to lie down on the floor (not sure if they have massage beds), it may not be the best place for those who have a hard time kneeling or getting up after lying down. If I make any sense LOL. The place was very dim when we had a massage that I had trouble looking for my earrings after I took it off before the massage. LOL.

Thai Boran Massage is located at J.C. Aquino Avenue. You wouldn’t miss it πŸ˜‰

Spa Traditions

This my aunt’s and my sister’s favourite massage place. I did like the technique but it’s quite pricey. The good thing is, if you go there in the afternoon (I think it was before 5pm) then you will have a discount.

Spa Traditions is located at Lynzee’s Building, 766 J. Rosales Avenue.

Calla Massage and Spa

This one surprised me the most. Even though the massage beds and the whole area in general isn’t as luxurious as the others, their massage technique is quite different. I thought I’d feel sore after but I actually felt light and felt really good the next day. If you’re on a budget, this one’s for you!

Calla Massage and Spa is located at South Montilla Blvd., (on top of Eastwest Bank).

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