I’ve been thinking about a great topic to write about to share on my blog but my mind is just blank. I have been slacking a ton lately and I took more days off than I ever did in the past 6 years I have been working online.

It started in mid-July last year when an unfortunate thing happened. Left me to pieces. Still in pieces now but with a better attitude.

Since then I’ve been feeling like someone who’s breathing but barely alive. I started working less and less, skipping gym workouts and shut everyone out. I spent most of my days inside my room.

Few months later I felt better and started working out regularly and slowly easing in to a routine. Nice things started to happen, I started working on new jobs.

But something happened post-Christmas that didn’t only left me to pieces but also crushed my soul. It was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had. I remember breaking down in Frankfurt Airport.

Shit happens, they say. It does. And sometimes it happens twice in a year.

It’s so hard for me to write this post because I have to peel my scars again so I could remember all the things that happened. It wasn’t pretty. But I know bigger problems exist in the world and I’m not the only one suffering.

That’s why I’m writing this post. This is for everyone who is suffering right now.

I remember a quote from Eckhart Tolle,Β “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional“.

People deal with pain in different ways. I’m a nurturing individual. I like to take care of everything and everyone in my life. And that includes pain. I gave pain a home. It’s living with me comfortably that I didn’t notice it’s crippling me. It made me enjoy being alone. I like being alone but sometimes loneliness takes the enjoyment of being alone.

But my experience and the way I lived my life in the past few months made me realize a lot of things about myself.

1. I can and will do everything for the person/people that I love.

2. I realized that everything is possible if you really put your mind into it. But that won’t be enough. You need to take action. Even if the mindset is right, if you’re not doing anything to make it happen, then it will never happen.

3. I learned that one is never alone. It is our choices in life that leads us to isolation.

4. People change in a blink of an eye. So cherish every moment you have with every person in your life. You might wake up someday and they’re no longer there.

5. Feelings come and go. And sometimes they come back stronger.

6. Your worth is not based on your status, your appearance, your bank account or even your past mistakes. You are worth it. You are a human being. Let me say it again, you are worth it.

7. When you hear a lot of hurtful words directed towards you, let it come. People will always have something to say whether you’re doing good or bad. But don’t let it stay in your mind long enough that it takes root in your heart.

8. Overthinking will lead you nowhere.

9. If you start getting worried, take a deep breath. And whatever it is that you are worried about, think about it in a positive way. Instead of worrying if you’ll get the job you applied for, think about what you’re gonna do if you actually get the job.

10. Good things can happen even when you’re in a bad mood.

11. Life isn’t fair. And that’s what makes it interesting.

12. Learn to say yes to the things you’ve never done before and no to the things you’ve been constantly doing that’s sucking out the life out of you.

13. Keeping a gratitude journal is powerful. It will not only uplift your mood but it will also clear your mind.

14. Achieving your goals is a great way to measure success. There will be bumps along the road but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t enjoy the journey.

15. It will hurt so much. It might sometimes hurt even more. Breathe. Start being mindful. And take control of your emotions otherwise it will control you.

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