Why Not Having a Routine Could Be Good For You

Why Not Having a Routine Could Be Good For You

Is it high time to break up with your routine?

Wake up. Pray. Go to the bathroom. Read. Meditate. Stretch. Cook breakfast. Shower. Start work. Take a break. Cook lunch. Go to the gym. Strength train. Shower. Go home. Prep dinner. Watch movies. And the list goes on and on.


If you’re like me, I love to have a routine. It makes me less anxious knowing that I already have a plan to follow for the next day.

But ever since I got married it’s hard for me to follow a routine. And it’s stressing me out whenever I can’t follow my routine.

I’ve learned that having room for adjustments is a must. And sometimes, it is better to not have a routine on some days. Especially the weekends.

I’m so caught up and too focused in following my routine that it makes me anxious if I can’t keep up with the things I’ve planned for the day.

Like in blogging, I haven’t written a blogpost since April and even though it stresses me out that I haven’t published at least one for May, I shift my thinking on the things I’ve accomplished. I started selling natural and organic products which has been taking my time. I have spent a lot of time with my nephews which I’m very thankful for. I have cooked meals for my family. I have cleaned the house. I have used face masks and gave myself more time taking care of my skin. I have gone to morning walks with my Mama.

I have done a lot of simple, meaningful things in the past months and even if I haven’t stick to the routine I set up for myself, I learned that not having a routine is good too. But not to a point where you’re not being productive or not achieving your goals.

Like what they say, learn to rest, but don’t give up.

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