If Your Gym Doesn’t Have A Shower Room, Then Don’t Go Without Packing This

I just started working out in the gym again and one of the things I always look for in a gym is a shower room. Unfortunately, my favorite gym in my city doesn’t have one. I still choose this gym over the others because I like their routine. It’s HIIT and weightlifting. You work with your body weight.

They don’t have any fancy equipments like a treadmill or stairmaster. They have weightlifting equipment, exercise balls, free weights and some TRX suspension training equipment. Workout routines usually includes planking, squats, lunges, step ups and push ups.

There are four exercise groups that you have to do three times and you’ll seriously be drenched in sweat after a whole session. I have been working out in the afternoon because this is the only free time I have. I know working out in the morning is the ideal time of the day to workout but I can’t make it happen at the moment so I’ve been working out in the afternoon.

If your gym is like mine and you can’t shower after a good workout session, don’t go to the gym without wet wipes. Seriously. It’s a life saver.

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I use it to clean my face, my tatas, basically every body fold, you get the idea. There are so many wet wipes in the market but I always go for baby wipes since they are gentle. And please be gentle when you wipe your face and body. I like to do this twice before I put new clothes on. It really doesn’t make you smell like you haven’t showered for days. *grin*

Do you bring wet wipes with you in the gym? If you have any tips on other uses of wet wipes, leave it in the comment section below. I would love to hear it! 🙂

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