It’s been almost a year since I went to Australia and yet I still haven’t finished blogging everything I was supposed to blog when I was there.

I haven’t been really myself since July but I am trying my best to stay productive and write.

If you want to check out some articles I wrote for Australia, here they are:

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Whew. I didn’t even noticed I already published 7 articles. This is probably the last time I’m going to write about that trip. It makes me sad but relieved at the same time.

I miss Australia and all the memories I had there.

I still have a valid 3-months visa to Australia so I’m looking forward to use it. I was supposed to watch Australian Open with my brother but I flew to Europe instead.

Now going back to the article, why do we try to impress other people? I know I did.

And in that experience, I learned two things: it’s a waste of money (and time!) and very stressful.

At least it was for me. Everyone is different so it might affect you in another way.

One of the quotes that really hit me while I did my research about this topic is this,ย “Some people try very hard to impress others but in the bargain lose their identity.”

It’s true.

I started acting differently, I changed my looks and I did things I don’t usually do. Eventually, it all caught up to me.

Ever been in a situation where you liked someone so much you start to become who they are?

You like the things they like, eat the foods they eat, watch the movies they watch, listen to the music they listen to. Long before you know it, you talk like the way they talk.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But if everything is just a front and you’re secretly struggling, then this is when it becomes bad.

You should never change yourself. Don’t give up who you are for another person. Because if you do, who will you be when they leave?

I learned this the hard way. I’m not going to lie, I’m still struggling which is why I said earlier I’m still not my usual self.

And it’s not easy to find yourself again.

I’m still on my journey of becoming the best that I can be and if you’re like me, you might want to watch this Ted Talk by Casey Brown.

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